Portuguese Floral Pattern Tiles T21


★ Portuguese floral tiles
★ Dimensions: 13.5x13.5 cm
★ Thickness: 1.3 cm
★ Suggested gap size: 3mm

These tiles are reproductions of original Portuguese tiles from the 15th and 16th centuries. handcrafted in Portugal, using traditional techniques, respecting the historic designs and colours that characterised the style.

The dimensions of the tiles are approximately 13.5x13.5cm, however because they are handmade each tile is slightly different.

Technically, these are tiles in biscuit, with reliefs that delimit the drawings, and then its interior is filled with enamels, colouring it.

If you have a project at home and are not sure how many tiles you need, we suggest to use an online tile calculator. We usually use the following one: https://www.calculator.net/tile-calculator.html

We suggest a tile grout spacing of 3mm (0.3 cm).

If you are looking for a larger order then the available tiles in this listing please contact us and we will produce them for you. Usually orders on demand are ready to ship in 4 to 5 weeks.

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