Organic Cork Board 60x30 cm


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One piece of natural cork bark. These cork panels were immersed in water at 65 ° C guaranteeing freedom from pests without the use of chemicals or pollutants and also the flattening of the board.
Ideal for your terrarium and suitable for all reptiles.
Harvested from Portuguese Oak trees.

"Quercus suber"
The cork oak tree is covered in thick, knobby bark that was probably developed for forest fire survival. This is where the cork comes from. When harvested, the tree is left standing while the bark is peeled off and cut from the tree. The bark eventually grows back and can be reharvested every nine to twelve years. A healthy cork oak that lives to be two hundred years old can be harvested up to sixteen times.
Portugal has the largest number of cork oak trees in the world and is subsequently the world’s leader in cork production. The trees can also be found in much of southwestern Europe and northwestern Africa. Cork oaks usually occur alongside numerous other tree species like wild olive, maritime pine, stone pine, and other oak species. Cork oak forest mosaics promote biodiversity as a whole, making habitat available to numerous plant and animal species, including endangered animals like the Barbary Macaque, Barbary deer, Iberian imperial eagle, and the Iberian lynx.
When managed correctly, cork can be a lucrative, renewable timber product. Harvested cork oak trees store five times more carbon than unharvested trees since they use additional carbon to regenerate their bark. Cork forests are not only invaluable biodiversity preserves, but also necessary carbon sinks.
Hooray for renewable resources!

Dimension of the tiles are 60cm (23.62 inches) long and 30cm (11.81 inches) wide.
The average thickness is 2.5cm (0.98 inches).

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