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Cork Wall Design Organic Blocks - DROP


Drop was inspired by natural motions and reflects the lightness and purity of water. This piece combines a fluid dynamic with an organic surface, giving it a three-dimensional feel due to its volume. This piece’s pattern transforms any wall into a real waterfall.

In the organic blocks collection, each product has a different volume and shape, which gives a distinct aesthetic result to each and every wall design. These volumes are achieved through the use of the latest technology in the cork industry: the moulding technology.

The raw material is a combination of special pigments and resins, along with the granulated cork, which results in a natural, spontaneous and desirable product. In addition to these features, the option of mass pigmentation instead of paint solution, allows the cork structure to remain visible and pieces to be cut without colour loss. 

Ordering These blocks are made on order. We expect to deliver within 6 to 7 weeks.

Ordering Samples  All our samples are in natural colour. We will send up to 5 coloured strips of cork of your choice together with one natural block, so just order the 1 natural sample, then please contact us to let us know which colours you would like us to send.  The samples will be dispatched from UK using Royal Mail 48.

Large Cork piece agglomerated with special resins and additives, moulded in shape with mass colour pigmentation.
SIZE (each block) 230 x 150 x 42 mm / 9.05" x 5.90" x 1.65"
WEIGHT (BOX) 3,03 kg
PACKED 15 tiles, 0,337m2
INSTALLATION Glue or stickers
ACOUSTIC (NRC) 0,3 (EN ISO 11654)
THERMAL CONDUCTIBILITY (W/M.C) 0,0468 (EN 12667-2001)

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