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Cork Roll for Wall Cork Roll for Wall
Cork Roll for Wall
Regular price £364.99 FromMinimum price £59.99 Maximum price £273.74
Cork Roll for Crafts DIY Projects and  Model Railway 1/2m x 5m x 2mm Cork Roll for Crafts & DIY Projects
Cork Roll for Crafts & DIY Projects
Regular price £88.99 GBP
Rubber Cork Floor Underlay
Rubber Cork Floor Underlay
Minimum price £110.40 Maximum price £220.80
Wakol D3540 Cork Contact Adhesive
Wakol D3540 Cork Contact Adhesive
Minimum price £27.50 Maximum price £138.60

What are Cork Rolls Used For?

Cork, as a material, is very eco-friendly and versatile, and rolled sheets of cork are useful for many different applications, in residential and commercial settings alike. They always come in handy in DIY projects, of course, and are one of the most typical options for wall coverings, insulation or bulletin boards.

Cork rolls for walls are very popular, for example for creating custom-sized pin boards, bettering room acoustics or adding a touch of natural warmth and colour. 

But they’re also excellent to use in underlayment, providing excellent insulation, making spaces more energetically efficient.

What are the Different Types of Cork Rolls?

Depending on attributes such as colour, grain and thickness, there are solutions for every preference.

The colour goes from the light, natural hue of cork, to deeper and darker tones. This is a purely visual consideration, so just go with what you like better.

It’s not so with thickness, of course, where practical considerations come into play. Options range from the 2mm cork roll, suitable for craft and lining applications, to the thicker 10mm cork roll, which is more adequate for insulation and acoustic projects.

The type of grain determines the texture: a fine grain cork roll corresponds to a smoother surface, while a coarse grain offers a more rustic look.

Also, rubber cork rolls offer enhanced durability and resilience by combining the two materials, and are often the right choice for industrial applications.

How Do I Choose a Cork Roll?

That will just depend on the intended use.

For soundproofing and insulation, go with a cork insulation roll, such as those with thickness of 5mm or 10mm. Cork is very effective at reducing noise and retaining temperature.

If you’re thinking more about wall covering for decorative purposes, or a pin board, a large cork board roll, which allows for customization in size and shape, will be appropriate.

A self-adhesive cork roll is really convenient for easy application, perfect for quick updates and installations.

Simply consider the requirements of your project, the level of insulation you desire, the size of the surface area you want to cover and, of course, what you think looks best.

Most frequently asked questions about cork rolls

Are cork rolls effective for soundproofing purposes?

Cork is excellent for soundproofing. The small-scale structure of its cells gives it a natural ability to absorb and dampen sound.

Can I use a cork roll as a carpet underlay?

Definitely! They are great for that purpose, offering extra cushioning, thermic insulation, and sound absorption.

How to hang a cork roll?

Very simply: just measure and cut to size, apply adhesive to the wall or cork's back, press firmly onto the wall, smoothing out bubbles, and allow it to dry. Done!