Portuguese Treasures is a celebration of timeless tradition over the disposable trends of modern life. The focus is on selling authentic, quality and ethically sourced Portuguese products at affordable prices.

Bruno Figueira, a Portuguese national, who wanted to share his passion for Portuguese culture and tradition with others, established the company in 2011. The Dorset-based firm began life trading at local markets, craft fairs and festivals in the UK and now sells Portuguese products worldwide, including in France, America and Canada.

Bruno takes his partner and two children back to Portugal regularly to visit his family, enjoy the good weather, find new products for his customers and make sure they are ethically and sustainably produced. Getting the right balance between affordable, quality, natural products for customers while caring for the environment and supporting local artisans is at the heart of the business. The company’s core products include Portuguese Treasures' own brand of merino sheepskin slippers, the first product to be traded and still the best seller. Three Portuguese companies produce these slippers, all of them work with skins that are by-products of the meat industry – and none of them use skins from fur farms. Portuguese Treasures visits the tanneries to make sure all the skins are vegetable tanned. The same stringent controls are applied to the tanneries used to make Portuguese Treasures' range of traditional, hard wearing leather footwear. These shoes and boots have soles made of recycled car tyre rubber.

Portugal is one of the largest producers of cork in the world and the industry is reinventing itself since a shift to screw top bottles in the wine industry. Our inventive and unique range of cork products all come from sustainable sources, tightly controlled by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). In the same way, our slate products come from open air quarries managed by local authorities to ensure sustainability and biodiversity in the surrounding area.

Our luxurious woollen products are supplied by family-run businesses in North Portugal. Women make the garments in their own homes across several villages in a cottage industry. Most of the wool is recycled using excess and unsold stock that is then reworked into new items. Tweed and cotton slippers are made from off-cuts in the textile industry meaning every batch of slippers is unique, colourful and quirky – the essence of a Portuguese Treasure.

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