What is Cork Board Insulation and What is it Used For?

Cork is a very versatile material that comes from the bark of the aptly named cork oak tree. It looks amazing as part of a house’s decoration and it has a number of uses.

One way to take full advantage of its qualities is as insulation material. Thanks to the small-scale structure of its cells, cork is a fantastic insulator. It’ll help to keep your house warm and cosy in winter, and nicely cool when the weather is hot. And it can be applied to any surface: walls, floor or ceiling.

It’s also effective at preventing sound from propagating. Cork insulation panels will help to make a room soundproof, for instance if you plan on making a music room or home theatre.

One added plus: it doesn’t hurt the tree. The valiant and cooperative cork oak doesn’t mind in the least being stripped of its bark every now and then. Which means that this is a sustainable, environmentally friendly choice.

Which Cork Board Insulation Should I Choose?

You should take into account the part of the house and the type of surface where you plan to use it, but there are plenty of options.

Besides cork floor and cork ceiling insulation, insulation for internal and external walls is also possible. Cork is resilient! And expanded cork board insulation will provide additional durability and effectiveness.

Thickness is one of the most important factors. Cork insulation thickness ranges from 40mm, which will give you basic but very noticeable improvements, to 100mm, for maximum effect.  

Of course, aesthetics is subjective and depends on taste and on the rest of the décor. Different shapes and patterns are available, which can give a distinct style to your place.

Most frequently asked questions about cork bark

Is cork a good thermal and sound insulator?

A phenomenally good one! Cork insulation is very effective.

Is cork insulation flammable?

Cork does not easily catch on fire, which makes it a safe choice for your home.

Can I paint over cork insulation panels?

Absolutely, but make sure that the paint is breathable, so as not to harm the material's natural qualities.

Does cork insulation mould?

Cork is naturally antimicrobial so it’s conveniently resistant to that sort of annoyance. One more plus!

How long does cork insulation last?

Cork insulation will stand the test of time. Its lifespan can exceed 50 years, when properly installed and maintained.