How Do Olive Oil Dispensers Work?

These kitchen and dining table utensils are used for - no surprises here! – pouring olive oil in an efficient and controlled manner. They help to avoid spills and allow precise measurements for cooking or dressing dishes.

Typically, they feature a spout, which is often equipped with a lid or cap, that helps to prevent oxidation and to preserve the oil’s flavour.

How Do I Choose an Olive Oil Dispenser?

That will simply depend on your personal taste and needs.

For starters, consider the material. If you prioritise durability, nothing can top a stainless steel oil dispenser. They resist corrosion and will be in your kitchen closet for the long-haul.

These can also be very beautiful objects. If your mind is on aesthetics, decorative olive oil dispensers and vintage olive oil dispensers can be a great, elegant way to complement the decor in any kitchen or dining table.

And of course, functionality is the other key consideration. We recommend that you give preference to an oil dispenser with a lid, which will help to keep the oil fresh. 

Also, there are different sizes to choose from: depending on how frequently you tend to use olive oil, you might prefer, for example, smaller kitchen oil dispensers, or a larger stainless steel olive oil container.

What is the Best Olive Oil Dispenser?

The ideal is to bring together functionality and style.

A stainless steel oil pourer is one of the most popular options, favoured for being easy to clean and for its durability.

If you are looking for something more strongly decorative, a classic olive oil dispenser can be a lovely piece, and a very practical one at that.

How to Clean Olive Oil Dispensers?

Very straightforwardly. First, disassemble any removable parts. Wash each part with warm, soapy water, using a small brush or cloth to remove oil residue from the spout and interior surfaces. Then, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

For vintage and decorative dispensers, use a softer cloth to avoid damaging the finish. Regular cleaning will not only keep your dispenser looking fabulous, but also ensure that the olive oil remains uncontaminated.

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