What are Olive Wood Boards Useful For?

A wood board is one of the simplest kitchen utensils imaginable. Yet, like a lot of simple things, it is one of the most practical and indispensable.

Olive wood is excellent for chopping and cutting boards, thanks to its resistance to cuts and scratches. Aside from those culinary tasks, boards made from olive wood serve as elegant serving options.

Another advantage of natural olive wood is its oil content, which helps to kill bacteria and odours, making these boards conveniently hygienic.

How to Choose Olive Wood Boards?

The choice depends simply on personal taste and intended use. 

For those who entertain often, an olive wood charcuterie board provides a perfect setting for an irresistible spread of meats. And for those of us who can’t resist pizza, an olive wood pizza board is an adequately sturdy, not to mention appealing, surface for serving one.

In general, consider their size and thickness, taking into account your culinary needs. Also look for boards that showcase the distinctive, swirling grain patterns that make this kind of wood so popular. 

What Type of Oils are Safe to Use on Your Olive Wood Cutting Board?

Regular oiling will keep your board in top shape. Just remember, for the sake of safety, to use food-safe oils. That will not only keep your cutting board looking good, but also the food tasting fresh.

Mineral oil is popular, as it's odourless, tasteless, and won't go rancid. Beeswax blends are excellent as well, as they form a protective barrier while also helping to enhance the wood's natural beauty.

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