Natural Cork Bark Tiles


Fashions and trends in the search for decorative materials as the most natural, raw, organic and environmentally friendly, while unique and customised, have resulted in a new line of decorative cork panels.

These tiles are made out of virgin cork bark pieces that are attached under high pressure to an agglomerate cork panel. The backing agglomerate cork panel is flat and smooth allowing easy mounting on the wall while the main surface is rough ensuring a 3D-effect.

The product can be assembled with an adhesive for cork or a strong double-sided mounting tape. As with all cork boards these, in addition to their decorative value, additionally influence the improvement of acoustics and increase thermal insulation, which raises the comfort of the room.

Cork is the spongy inner bark from a type of Oak tree native to dry Mediterranean regions. It is durable and heat resistant. It can be harvested every 9-12 years without harm to the tree. This renewable resource is extremely valuable to the environment.


If your project needs more tiles than the ones available on this listing, please contact us. We are able to fulfill larger quantities in 7 to 12 working days.

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