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Tradition Glue-Down Cork Floors


This collection of eco-conscious flooring is stylish, resilient, and water-resistant while also being simple to install and maintain. Combining undeniable acoustic and thermal qualities, cork brings warmth, silence and comfort to all interiors.

Suitable for residential areas with high traffic and public areas with moderate traffic. A product entirely made of cork, a 100% natural and renewable raw material from sustainable sources.

The level of thermal insulation provided renders them suitable for use with underfloor heating.

These are glue-down cork tiles. The recommended adhesive for installing cork tiles is contact adhesive for cork floors.

We recommend that cork floor tiles should be varnished after installation (sealing of joints and improving wear resistance). Always varnish with a specially recommended varnish for cork floors. It is essential to follow the varnish supplier instructions strictly.

Dimensions each tile : 60 x 30 x 0.4 cm | 23.62 x 11.81 x 0.15 inches

Package Quantity: 11 tiles (1.98 m2)

Installation: Glue-Down

Material: Cork

Finish: Natural sanded pre-finish

Usage Classification: Class 31

Impact Noise Reduction: 14 dB

Slip Resistance: DS

Fire Behaviour: Cfl-S1

Thermal Insulation Resistance: 0.05 m2 K/W

Care instructions: Varnish post-install for added durability. Sweep/vacuum and clean with damp cloth or mop. Easily repair with colour-match wood filler or plank replacement.

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