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Natural Straw Reed Basket Bag 29


★ Made of organic reed grass
★ Natural dyeing
★ Handcrafted and dispatched from Portugal
★ Made to order
★ Ready to dispatch in 2 weeks time

These colourful patterned baskets are made of organic reed grass. Reed grass grows wild and no fertilizers or pesticides are used. The entirely process from collecting the grass up to the weaving of the baskets are manual and sustainable. The dyes used to achieve the different colours are natural, no chemicals are used. The handles are made of weaved wicker.
The baskets are made to order and because they are hand woven, colour and size might vary slightly. Each basket is unique.
In general baskets are ready to dispatch in 2 weeks time.

We have them available in three different sizes.

Size 1
Length: 36 cm ( 14.2 in )
Width: 19 cm ( 7.4 in )
Height: 21 cm ( 8.2 in )

Size 2
Length: 42 cm ( 16.5 in )
Width: 21 cm ( 8.2 in )
Height: 25 cm ( 9.8 in )

Size 3
Length: 49 cm ( 19.3 in )
Width: 24 cm ( 9.4 in )
Height: 28 cm ( 11 in )

Care instructions:
If you look after your basket it will last you a few decades. Some reed splitting, or fraying is normal. Clean it with a damp cloth. If the basket gets too wet, we suggest hanging it in a way that the bottom of the basket is not touching the floor and allow it to dry properly.

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