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Twist Cork Bath & Shower Mat Twist Cork Bath & Shower Mat
Sold out
Twist Cork Bath & Shower Mat
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Natural Cork Bath & Shower Mat Natural Cork Bath & Shower Mat
Natural Cork Bath & Shower Mat
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Natural Cork Sauna Mat Natural Cork Sauna Mat
Natural Cork Sauna Mat
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What are Cork Bath Mats Good For?

Cork is an incredibly versatile material, and bath mats are a very logical way to take advantage of its qualities.

Firstly and most importantly, its cushiony surface provides comfort and safety, preventing slips when you’re stepping out after taking a shower or bath: that’s the most common purpose for a bath mat.

Cork also has the advantage of being resistant to mould and mildew, which are always a concern in wet environments.

And of course, its natural colour and beauty can really add a touch of elegance and complement the appearance of any space, and your bathroom is no exception!

How Do I Choose a Cork Bath Mat?

That will simply depend on your personal taste and the needs of your bathroom.

There are options in shape and size. Choose between small and large cork bath mats taking into consideration the area you need to cover. As for shape, the most traditional and common are square cork bath mats, but a circular cork bath mat can offer a different, unique look.

Thickness is the final important factor; go for a nice, thick cork bath mat, which will be more cushiony and warm on your feet.

How Do I Clean a Cork Bath Mat?

Very straightforwardly, and you should, in fact, do it regularly, to help to keep your mat pretty and hygienic.

Just shake off any loose debris. Then wipe the surface, using a damp cloth.

If you want to go for a deeper cleaning, simply use a soap solution. Then rinse thoroughly and let it dry to the air.

But we recommend that you avoid soaking these mats in water, to preserve the material’s integrity.

Most frequently asked questions about cork bath mats

How long does a cork bath mat last?

While that largely depends on how well you take care of them and the frequency of use – which often comes down to how many people live in the house – these mats can last several years, generally speaking.

Are cork bath mats hygienic?

Yes! Cork has natural antimicrobial properties, making these mats perfect for use in bathrooms.

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