Is Cork Flooring Suitable for Bathrooms?

Absolutely! Cork’s intrinsic qualities make it a really great choice for a bathroom floor, both elegant and practical.

Apart from how comfortable it is, cork is naturally resistant to water, which can (and should) be further reinforced by the application of a sealant to make it waterproof. That’s a crucial concern in the humid climate of a bathroom.

Cork is also a sustainable material. A cork floor bathroom is an adequate choice for a more environmentally conscious home.

Does Cork Flooring in the Bathroom Need to be Varnished?

It does, to make sure that water doesn’t damage the material. 

The extra layer of varnish seals the cork, and regular reapplication over time will keep the flooring in good condition and appearance.

How to Install Cork Flooring in the Bathroom?

That involves only a few key steps:

●     Preparation: Ensure that the subfloor is dry, level and clean.

Layout: Plan the layout of the cork floor tiles bathroom to minimise cuts and waste.

Adhesive: Apply an adhesive suitable for cork flooring bathroom installations, following manufacturer recommendations.

●     Sealing: Once installed, seal the flooring with a waterproof varnish.

While all this may sound pretty tempting to home project enthusiasts, we recommend that you seek a professional. That’ll ensure a perfect finish, and one that lasts.